Thursday, November 5, 2009

My 18th Birthday

October 18th is my birthday and this year 2009 will be a special birthday for me cause I have my girl to pass with me =) Early in the morning bought loads of foods at the market, prepared all the stuffs and I'd even went for a hair cut and that was sucks. Lee came along, the only friends that came over my house and celebrated with me. Had fun, chit-chat. Oh ya, after midnight, Ryan came along too cause I think he said want yam cha or what. After he came awhile then went along with Lee, I was unable to make it cause I have class next day in the morning and I remembered I was absent on Monday with bie cause we were both sick. Lol

Photos taken by Lee

Present from my girl

Isn't it cute? I tied up the ribbon there. heh

Present from bie
BOSS perfume( Love it)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Self Made Breakfast

Today class starts at 11am but I woke up at 7am in the morning *sleepy* Bie woke me up caused I promised her we're going to make breakfast together *sweet* Prepared bread, sausages, eggs.... My very first time to make this. Not very tasty but still ok =)


Heard a news from Catherine that Sushi King was having promotion. So I decided to ask my bie go with me. Since my sis just finished PMR so decided to bring her along to go also. Asked Lee also * how could I forget you right?* Lol.. Thursday morning I fetch Lee first, then bie to go college. After our lecture class then I went to PCGHS to wait for my sis. Waited awhile finally she came out then off we go to Gurney. While on the way, we were saying that whether Sushi King will be crowded or not then after we arrived, we saw this....

Please let us seat you

Everyone was given one hour time limit and this was our first 10minutes

Don't say so much, makan dulu.. Lol

We ate for around half an hour and also ate around 30 plates of sushi. Satisfied~

Construction Site

This was where I worked during my Sem break

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Trip to Alot Setar (27-09-2009)

Haven't been blogging for at least 2 weeks cause I was kinda lazy, eheee.. Okay, here's the story. Woke up in the morning and get prepared, went to Butterworth to have breakfast then off we go to Alor Setar. I drove all the way cause I need to remember the road. Drove at the speed around 100km/h cause scare kena 'saman' again, no more 'samans'!! While on the road, my parents and my sis were watching Barbie the Dancing Princess *don't really remember the name*. After I went passed Gurun, sent a sms to bie to inform her cause she has to drive to the toll to wait for me, but she was slower than me although I informed her earlier =p I drove her dad's Toyota Altis then my father followed me at the back. Her house was big and my father likes her room, spacious he says, can put his Hi-Fi set. After she got prepared, she brought us to eat the so called delicious laksa...... Then she brought us to this Lye Huat Garden, took loads of photos.


Check it out. Whee-whit


Tons of fishes

Big Big Fishies

Wanna snap a picture of the tiger but it was sleeping zZz

Went to Alor Setar Tower after that

At night bie's father treated us dinner, Siam food. Tasty~

The coconut jelly was tasty