Thursday, April 30, 2009


Cham lo~ Watch movie watch till sien d now this again (watching Pokemon by the way) xD My parents say that how old d still watch this kind of movie, cartoons =.='


Have to whack my back with this twice a day =.='

As usual, still have to go for the treatment BUT, there's another new thing, another 'equipment'

Sleepless Night

Don't Laugh. I know it's ugly

Have alot of things in my brain, can't sleep and don't know what to do. But one thing that i could'nt believe myself.. I drew this in the middle of the night to stop my brain from thinking other things. This is the first time. My god =.='

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad Case

Yesterday me and my family went to Ipoh to visit my 74 years old grandma cause she is having surgery at the throat. We went there to support her and hope that she won't be so afraid. We are worried. She is such a nice nice person. Can't believe that at this age, she still has to suffer from such disease. When we are going back, at the moment that I step out from the room, that feeling was so bad,so uncomfortable. I hope that I can stay there and look after her. After we left, she has to be alone there. I totally understand that feeling when you're alone, lying on the bed waiting for surgery. It SUCKS!! ALL THE BEST TO MY GRANDMA!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


This time even more needles and with electricity. Walao leh =.='

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Shoes

Went Queensbay this evening and bought a pair of Nike shoes. Thanks dad.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Laptop! xD

Finally, my old pc is dead, and i mean real OLD~ I used it dunno for how many years d, maybe since I was form 1 or 2 until now. It runs a DDR1 Ram and its only 256 (yao yeng right) lols, 40gb hard disc (can't even install newer games =.=') So, before going for the treatment, my father brought me to the pc shop and bought this laptop for me.

Core 2 Duo P8600 2.40GHz processor
4GB Ram
320 Hard Disc
HDMI slot (my father likes that, lol)

More than enough for me d. Hehe... Thanks Dad


This afternoon i went for the treatment again. Althought i already knew how to suffer from the needles but still, i was scared =.=' This time the Sifu used 5 needles only but different parts. 2 were still the same, each at the both sides of the neck, 2 at the both sides of my arm and the last one! The most terrifying one! IS ON MY HEAD!!!! WALAO!! I was shocked till death =.=' Movies I watched alot. Always see they poke on the head, anywhere. But I never thought that I'll get one on my own head

Friday, April 17, 2009

Can't Work, No More Badminton

Today my father brought me to another traditional chinese massage. I had this kind of massage since last year. Few months ago, i only realised that my backbone was bent. It affected my whole body. When i use my strength, my shoulder will very pain, when my shoulder pain, I'll get headache. I don't know how much my father had already spent. But one thing for sure is, already over thousands. Although went so many places n spent so much, but none can cure. My parents are so worried. I had tried so many ways until I don't have confident anymore. It's pain and suffer. This time, tis Sifu from Beijing used some different ways. He used NEEDLES!!NEEDLES!!! I HATE NEEDLES!!!! 2 on my neck, ! side each, 4 on my back, another 2 on my knees. =.=' I admit that I'm afraid. Later on he massage, use some machines. I'll upload some photos later. The treatment spend about 2 hours time and it costs RM120 each time. 2 times per week and i have to go 7-8 times. =.=' Haihs~ The Sifu said that my body is like a 50 year old person, injured until like that, and if I didnt cure it soon, when it comes to 25 or 30 years old or even older, I'll have lots of problem. So I have to get it cured soon no matter how suffer it is and no more badminton for me!! T~T

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cert That Need to Pay =.='

This morning, me n my father went to Ipoh to do some documents thingy. After that, i drove back to pg. On the way back,a Satria kacau then wanna race with me =.=' That time i drove about 150km/h, the Satria was at the back. I felt like wanna stop going d,but my father says that don't care bout him, "step oil" go. Well, since he said so, go lo xD I tekan sampai habis. When i was at the speed bout 160km/h, the Satria started to pass d. When about 16+km/h, he passed. I tried to chase, when about 180km/h, my father asked me to stop. That was the first time i drive so fast. After that, my father took a short nap. I maintained my speed in betwwen 120-140km/h. Before reach Juru, there's a road block. That time my father has already waken. I said to him that if it's speed trap, I pasti kena =.=' Manatau, i really kena. He said:" Kamu telah melapasi had laju di zon 110. Kamu bawa 127km/h, telah melepasi 17km/h. My father tried to talk to him, want treat him minum kopi. Manatau he tak mau. Kena liao la ini macam. He asked me to sign then give me 'The Cert"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


*stormy* Kinda moody recently. Lots of things happen around me. Too much to think, too much to worry. Poor dad had done so so much. Who knows? Who understands? Who cares? Anybody out there heard me? Someone? Anyone? Friends? It aint easy to find someone to talk to. Some will just avoid all they can. I don't have many friends actually. Cause to outsiders I'm hard to get along to. Maybe it's because I don't talk much to someone I don't know and I realized one thing,someone felt that they don't like the way i talk. So it will be the best to get my mouth shut cause this will avoid from other people to hate me =/ Actually i used to be a person that really don't talk much. I don't even laugh when my fruends are telling jokes. But somehow,i changed. I changed to a person that will try to talk to others,even to the one that i don't really know. I even joke around and make people laugh. But after i have been told something and i think back, yeah. What's I'm talking all along were just craps,nonsense. And so, roll back. I'm changing back to who I used to be =)

PS: I'm hereby to apolagise to those that get annoyed by my talkings or actions. I'm sorry. Hope that you will kindly forgive for my stupidness

125Z has been sold

finally,at last..last bike of mine has been sold..barely to sell it actually..cos before that i've sold my left,125..but my father says that it aint safe to ride bike,especially after modifications on the outside n in the inside;my mum says that the Goat's luck is the worst on the Ox's no choice..hope that the new master will take good care of it..One more thing,i saw it this morning when im on the way to work..someone else is riding on it!!not someone else,is the new master T~T

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 7th (Hui Ying's house)

'playing with cy's DSLR

posing with cy's DSLR

having a 'speech'

sambil sms sambil gelak?

pay attention when ppl is teaching

oh my!nise is teaching

just checking out whether my spaghetti 'laku' or not

April 4th(night)


Eat THIS!!
“don't call me ginna.i'm not ginna anymore!!"
The Dicky Man

The cute one

April 4th(afternoon)

The camera owner & photographer
So fake xD