Friday, April 17, 2009

Can't Work, No More Badminton

Today my father brought me to another traditional chinese massage. I had this kind of massage since last year. Few months ago, i only realised that my backbone was bent. It affected my whole body. When i use my strength, my shoulder will very pain, when my shoulder pain, I'll get headache. I don't know how much my father had already spent. But one thing for sure is, already over thousands. Although went so many places n spent so much, but none can cure. My parents are so worried. I had tried so many ways until I don't have confident anymore. It's pain and suffer. This time, tis Sifu from Beijing used some different ways. He used NEEDLES!!NEEDLES!!! I HATE NEEDLES!!!! 2 on my neck, ! side each, 4 on my back, another 2 on my knees. =.=' I admit that I'm afraid. Later on he massage, use some machines. I'll upload some photos later. The treatment spend about 2 hours time and it costs RM120 each time. 2 times per week and i have to go 7-8 times. =.=' Haihs~ The Sifu said that my body is like a 50 year old person, injured until like that, and if I didnt cure it soon, when it comes to 25 or 30 years old or even older, I'll have lots of problem. So I have to get it cured soon no matter how suffer it is and no more badminton for me!! T~T