Wednesday, April 15, 2009


*stormy* Kinda moody recently. Lots of things happen around me. Too much to think, too much to worry. Poor dad had done so so much. Who knows? Who understands? Who cares? Anybody out there heard me? Someone? Anyone? Friends? It aint easy to find someone to talk to. Some will just avoid all they can. I don't have many friends actually. Cause to outsiders I'm hard to get along to. Maybe it's because I don't talk much to someone I don't know and I realized one thing,someone felt that they don't like the way i talk. So it will be the best to get my mouth shut cause this will avoid from other people to hate me =/ Actually i used to be a person that really don't talk much. I don't even laugh when my fruends are telling jokes. But somehow,i changed. I changed to a person that will try to talk to others,even to the one that i don't really know. I even joke around and make people laugh. But after i have been told something and i think back, yeah. What's I'm talking all along were just craps,nonsense. And so, roll back. I'm changing back to who I used to be =)

PS: I'm hereby to apolagise to those that get annoyed by my talkings or actions. I'm sorry. Hope that you will kindly forgive for my stupidness