Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cert That Need to Pay =.='

This morning, me n my father went to Ipoh to do some documents thingy. After that, i drove back to pg. On the way back,a Satria kacau then wanna race with me =.=' That time i drove about 150km/h, the Satria was at the back. I felt like wanna stop going d,but my father says that don't care bout him, "step oil" go. Well, since he said so, go lo xD I tekan sampai habis. When i was at the speed bout 160km/h, the Satria started to pass d. When about 16+km/h, he passed. I tried to chase, when about 180km/h, my father asked me to stop. That was the first time i drive so fast. After that, my father took a short nap. I maintained my speed in betwwen 120-140km/h. Before reach Juru, there's a road block. That time my father has already waken. I said to him that if it's speed trap, I pasti kena =.=' Manatau, i really kena. He said:" Kamu telah melapasi had laju di zon 110. Kamu bawa 127km/h, telah melepasi 17km/h. My father tried to talk to him, want treat him minum kopi. Manatau he tak mau. Kena liao la ini macam. He asked me to sign then give me 'The Cert"