Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Trip to Alot Setar (27-09-2009)

Haven't been blogging for at least 2 weeks cause I was kinda lazy, eheee.. Okay, here's the story. Woke up in the morning and get prepared, went to Butterworth to have breakfast then off we go to Alor Setar. I drove all the way cause I need to remember the road. Drove at the speed around 100km/h cause scare kena 'saman' again, no more 'samans'!! While on the road, my parents and my sis were watching Barbie the Dancing Princess *don't really remember the name*. After I went passed Gurun, sent a sms to bie to inform her cause she has to drive to the toll to wait for me, but she was slower than me although I informed her earlier =p I drove her dad's Toyota Altis then my father followed me at the back. Her house was big and my father likes her room, spacious he says, can put his Hi-Fi set. After she got prepared, she brought us to eat the so called delicious laksa...... Then she brought us to this Lye Huat Garden, took loads of photos.


Check it out. Whee-whit


Tons of fishes

Big Big Fishies

Wanna snap a picture of the tiger but it was sleeping zZz

Went to Alor Setar Tower after that

At night bie's father treated us dinner, Siam food. Tasty~

The coconut jelly was tasty