Thursday, September 24, 2009

Movie Day Part 2

I have to post this title part 2 cause I never knew this would have happened. As you all know, watched G -Force 3D with my family at 3.45pm and the movie ended around 5 something. We went back home after the movie and my sis and mum talked about the movie Where Got Ghost. After I arrived home I blogged about the G -Force and after I've posted it, my mum came in my room and said :" Check and see whether Queensbay still got any tickets available for Where Got Ghost to book or not?" I was like ha?? Mum is that you??? Cause all along my mum don't really like watch movies but she wants to watch another one after we had finished one. My father said that today your mum top form. LOL. So I tried to book the tickets at Queens but none available. Although it was raining heavily but we don't wanna disappoint my mum so my father fetched us go Queens to see whether there is still tickets available. Well, there was still some tickets it was too near the screen so I decided not to take it. Then, my father fetched us to another place then I've never been there for ages, BUKIT JAMBUL. Round here and there finally found the cinema, surprisingly they don't even have the movie =.=' Went home then my dad called his friend that was working at Prangin Mall and asked him to buy the tickets for us. After 5 minutes, he called back and told us that there is only couple seats left and it's at 10pm then my mum said ' Jiao Sat ar' LMAO. Get prepared again, mum made some garlic bread and off we go to Prangin. One more thing, we haven't ate anything after brunch. While our parents was enjoying the movie, me and my sis was enjoying hearing people scream xD It was kinda fun watching it again cause we love the movie *thumbs up* Finally, when to have our dinner or supper. Back home around 2 something. Tired but it was a enjoyable day for all of us. *Cheers*