Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fahrenheit'sConcert was FANTASTIC!!!(Part 2)

as i was saying,me n my cousin was very near the stage..u can noe that through the the beginning,there was still lots of empty seats coz that time was still time passed by,it was getting crowded n crowded..some even waited too long until sit on floor..when i was busy standing there take photos n videos,i heard a group of 4 gals n 3 boys were saying smtg bout me..but i dun really noe wad they r saying that time..the gal looked at me n said that 'same ma,look alike ma,really same lo....''i tot they were saying i look alike as their fren so i didnt bother them n continue wad im doing..but they kept on of the gals talked to my cousin bout the camera thingy..that time i was facing them..n suddenly,the gal said to me:"ei,they say u look like JJ Lin leh" one of her fren said,where?then they pushed her n look at me:"nah,here lo." they still said that,when we entered n 1st time saw u,we tot JJ Lin is here to see the concert..that time i was juz :".......,haha?" actually someone said that to me before when i was in form 4..i was an interact club member n joined the activity at St.George's..anyway,it was kinda funny though..we were still waiting,waiting n the concert is goin to start soon n the crowd was started to get excited..suddenly,the lights were off n everyone thought that the concert is starting *cheers*..but no,it was Earth Hour..the off the lights n air-cons for 1 MIN!!LOL..after that electricity saving 1 MIN,finally,the concert had started..cheers,shoutings all over my head n my ear drums were like goin to burst..aha..the opening aint started by fahrenheit but is by a local malaysian singer,Karon Kwok if im not mistaken..after she sang 2 songs,finally,FAHRENHEIT!!FAHRENHEIT!!FAHRENHEIT!!!.......all the shoutings n cheerings again..they came out after a 30 sec countdown..when they walked infront the stage,i really cound'nt believe they're juz standing in front of not seeing them from pc,not from tv,but dun allowed us to take videos actually,but the opening by them were quite memorable so dun care la,take the concert goes on n the cheerings never stopped (the girls really wont get tired of shouting,their throats really strong)..1 thing that i could'nt forget is that Calvin point n smile at me even the fans n cousins noticed that..n Jiro nodded n blinged at me..LOL!they're really very cute n adorable..chun's body really.... *whistle* the concert finished around 12am..n my leg n back were like goin to break into pieces =.=' i've been standing since 5smtg until 12 =.=' n so,we walked outside to the taxi station of Bukit Jalil n waited for my cousin to fetch was some memory for us =)