Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Went to Queensbay with Lee. It was a rainy day, boring~ Because it is J-Card day so Queensbay was crowded and the parking lot was like, almost fully fulled. I managed to find slots, but it was the highest parking lot of Queen's. We have to use the stairs cause the escalator was not functioning. As I walked down, suddenly, *woops* I fell down from the stairs =.=' It was embarrassing. Went to Borders, found 2 nice seats, ordered 2 drinks then started to do our Computer System Assignment. We sat there for bout 4 hours. It was already 8 something. Went home to have dinner with my family but that time they already went out. I tried to call my father but can't because before that I went to Maxis to do my video call settings so still have some connection problems. Lee's phone also, unable to make calls because there's something wrong with his sim card then he changed it and he needs to wait 24 hours in order to use it =.=' Final choice!! THE PUBLIC PHONE!! I forgotten when was the last time I used a public phone. I use N96 with Hotlink operator ; Lee uses 5800 with Digi operator but lastly I have to make phone call using telekom =.=' Kawaii neh. Lol..

See, penuh ni

Hotlink sent me 62 messages =.='