Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday - Second Presentation

Monday I had one, this day another. It's driving me crazy!! This time the presentation is quite different cause we don't have to wear formal. This presentation is for our gym class so we have to imagine and make our own future gymnasium or fitness centre, we work in a group. We started our work on Monday after my presentation. We need it on Thursday so it was rush, very rush. Because of time so we decided to make it simple. Well, it was kinda fun working together =) We had in completely done on Thursday morning cause we had about 1 hour break. After we had done it we left it at home because we afraid that if we leave it in the car it will melt cause of the heat, then we went for our financial transactions class. We left the class 15 minutes earlier to take our 'project'. When i got to my car, guess what? My car has been chained by the guard. Wtf?! And I have to pay RM10 to unlock it =.=' After we got our project, we went to the gym room late and we were nervous. Thanks to god we were the third group to present =.=' We presented more than 10 minutes. It was kinda fun actually =) Finally, our second presentation is over!! But, we have to get prepared for the third one. Hou Yeah! After the class finished, saw Richard and Chun Wei playing squash. Went to check out. CW asked me to join them, I've never played squash before so I decided to have a try. You know what? I just played for about 5 minutes and *bang* ,the ball hit the ceiling lamp and stuck and I have to pay RM10 for it =.=' My life, my day, At first RM10 for the chain, now another RM10 for the ball. I won't forget my first game of squash. Lol..

See the black thingy? That's the squash ball