Monday, July 13, 2009


Went to work in the morning with my father at Butterworth. The night life people will love this place - night club~ It's around auto-city. I took few shots to show you guys =) It has been around half year since the last time I worked cause of my spinal injuries. Well, here I am again. My father and I worked until 2 something then back home cause I wanna go shopping before we go for our movie. I bought a lot of things that day and also, spent a lot xD First, I bought a Converse bag then head to Sub to look for formal clothes. Bought a pair of slack pants and a tie. After that went to look for the belt and shoes. My father chose the Polo branded belt, well no comment. Lol... Then we looked for the shoes. My parents took so many pairs until I'm blur, my mum chose Bonia whereas my father chose Valentino. After few tries I choose Valentino's cause I felt that it's kinda nice and stylish. Hee. After the shopping had done we went to food court and eat then head to GSC to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D =) Before that I asked my mum that when was the last time she stepped into the cinema? Well, have a good guess =)