Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day With 'Ant'

Yesterday I went to Ann's house to help her out with her presentation thingy. Helped her to find some information according to her topic. After that we went to Gurney. We bought tickets for "Drag Me To Hell" at 9.20pm cause she said wanna watch it at night only seok wor. Lol.. I bought 4 tickets of Ice Age 3 in 3D for me and my family =) Then, we went to BBQ Chicken to have our dinner. After that we went to look for her shoes to match her formal attire. We searched for few hours but at last we get nothing cause she can't find her "Dream Shoes". Lol... Since that so we went to the kid's dream land - Toy's "R" Us xD There were loads of cute and cool stuffs for the kids, even I was attracted by all those toys =p We took few pictures at there with some silly posts xD Haha... After few shots it was almost the time for our movie. The movie was quite nice. Oh ya, 1 thing I must mention. "Somebody" screamed few times xD The movie finish around 11 something then i dropped her home. It was kinda freaky cause I have to drive alone to home and the rainy night. Haha.. Anyway, I enjoyed the day =)
Will you marry me Batman?