Friday, February 12, 2010

Miss You

It has been more than 2 weeks since I met with bie. The next day after we came back from KL I fetched her back to Alor Setar. Her dad invited me to hike with him that day. It was some experience there, not to mention it was tired. We had dinner together with his friends then back home. Next day morning, Wednesday we woke up at 3.30am cause we have to go to a far place to sell things and get all the things prepared. It was another experience for me on how we communicate with customers. I felt that it was not as difficult and hard compared working with my father at the construction site. Uncle treated me hokkien mee for breakfast, ahaa. Started to pack at 10 something then went to fetch bie and aunty cause their stall was at another place. Then we went for lunch. After that I drove back from Gurun if not mistaken back to Alor Setar, it was faaarrrr~~ + I was very tired and sleepy zZz . After we arrived home I went to sleep without taking a bath first, heee. Few hours later went to fetch bie's sis's sons at kindergarden. They were cute and naughty, especially the oldest one. After fetched them bie went to fetch Cai Kui then back home. I was kinda turned into a babysitter during dinner cause I have to take care of him. He called me 'koko'. Aww~ how old I am already looking at the little fella. Not long after dinner her mum came, bie's second sis. Said hi, she looks different compared to bie and big sis. Haven't meet third sis, we'll meet tomorrow. Haha. Talk about tomorrow. TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!! I've been waited for this day to come for ages. Bie~ I miss you lots. Can't wait to be there tomorrow. Heeeeh