Friday, February 12, 2010

A Trip to KL

On the 23rd of February 2010, 2.30 am, started our trip to KL. We went there for 2 reasons, firstly was Malaysia Open, secondly was shopping. With the help of Garmin GPS we were able to reach my cousin's house cause we are staying at there. It was such a long journey to drive there -___- Arrived at my cousin's at 7 something then off we go to bed. It was tiring and it took me and bie just a while to fall asleep. Bie was the fastest =p Woke up at 12 something then my cousin fetch us to Bukit Jalil. Dropped us then they went to shopping. It was crowded in there but luckily we still able to sit in front to get a good view on the matches played. It was awesome I tell ya, totally different from seeing from the TV. Screams~Cheers~Claps~ All the noises, especially when Men's Singles, Lee Chong Wei, Men' Doubles, Koo Kean Keat & Tan Boon Hong were playing. All you can hear is the supporting cheers from Malaysians, MALAYSIA BOLEH! Well, we did not do so cause we supported China all along. The match finished at 7 something. My cousin came to fetch us and we went for dinner. After dinner shopping again. Bought nothing cause it was kinda late after we reached The Curve. Have a walk at IKEA, it was so so big. Love the furnitures and designs. Went home after that then my sis showed me what they had that afternoon, Japanese food. Looks delicious but they said it wasn't that nice actually. The next day my father and I didn't go to watch the finals cause we wanted to spend more time on shopping so the tickets were wasted. Glad we still able to bought some clothes. We ate dinner together then went back my cousin's house to pack our things then drove back to Penang. Dad drove to Ipoh to have supper first then I drove back to Penang. It was tiring. I dare not to drive to fast cause it was dark and I barely can fully concentrate on the road. Slower to reach but lot safer =)