Friday, February 12, 2010

Miss You

It has been more than 2 weeks since I met with bie. The next day after we came back from KL I fetched her back to Alor Setar. Her dad invited me to hike with him that day. It was some experience there, not to mention it was tired. We had dinner together with his friends then back home. Next day morning, Wednesday we woke up at 3.30am cause we have to go to a far place to sell things and get all the things prepared. It was another experience for me on how we communicate with customers. I felt that it was not as difficult and hard compared working with my father at the construction site. Uncle treated me hokkien mee for breakfast, ahaa. Started to pack at 10 something then went to fetch bie and aunty cause their stall was at another place. Then we went for lunch. After that I drove back from Gurun if not mistaken back to Alor Setar, it was faaarrrr~~ + I was very tired and sleepy zZz . After we arrived home I went to sleep without taking a bath first, heee. Few hours later went to fetch bie's sis's sons at kindergarden. They were cute and naughty, especially the oldest one. After fetched them bie went to fetch Cai Kui then back home. I was kinda turned into a babysitter during dinner cause I have to take care of him. He called me 'koko'. Aww~ how old I am already looking at the little fella. Not long after dinner her mum came, bie's second sis. Said hi, she looks different compared to bie and big sis. Haven't meet third sis, we'll meet tomorrow. Haha. Talk about tomorrow. TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!! I've been waited for this day to come for ages. Bie~ I miss you lots. Can't wait to be there tomorrow. Heeeeh

A Trip to KL

On the 23rd of February 2010, 2.30 am, started our trip to KL. We went there for 2 reasons, firstly was Malaysia Open, secondly was shopping. With the help of Garmin GPS we were able to reach my cousin's house cause we are staying at there. It was such a long journey to drive there -___- Arrived at my cousin's at 7 something then off we go to bed. It was tiring and it took me and bie just a while to fall asleep. Bie was the fastest =p Woke up at 12 something then my cousin fetch us to Bukit Jalil. Dropped us then they went to shopping. It was crowded in there but luckily we still able to sit in front to get a good view on the matches played. It was awesome I tell ya, totally different from seeing from the TV. Screams~Cheers~Claps~ All the noises, especially when Men's Singles, Lee Chong Wei, Men' Doubles, Koo Kean Keat & Tan Boon Hong were playing. All you can hear is the supporting cheers from Malaysians, MALAYSIA BOLEH! Well, we did not do so cause we supported China all along. The match finished at 7 something. My cousin came to fetch us and we went for dinner. After dinner shopping again. Bought nothing cause it was kinda late after we reached The Curve. Have a walk at IKEA, it was so so big. Love the furnitures and designs. Went home after that then my sis showed me what they had that afternoon, Japanese food. Looks delicious but they said it wasn't that nice actually. The next day my father and I didn't go to watch the finals cause we wanted to spend more time on shopping so the tickets were wasted. Glad we still able to bought some clothes. We ate dinner together then went back my cousin's house to pack our things then drove back to Penang. Dad drove to Ipoh to have supper first then I drove back to Penang. It was tiring. I dare not to drive to fast cause it was dark and I barely can fully concentrate on the road. Slower to reach but lot safer =)

New Year!

1st of January 2010, Beng and Hong came to Penang and asked us out. We went to Queensbay to look for them. Walked around to look for new clothes and ended up with nothing again =.=' Later they wanted to go to beach near Queens but dunno what was it called again, it was damn dirty. Took a few pictures then I had to go cause Monday is my badminton day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Year Eve

31-12-2009 - The last day if year 2009. Went to Queensbay with bie, dad and sis. There was a concert held at there, it was really really crowded. Parked far away from Queens, walk quite some distance, we'd even had to walk up the bridge. When we were about to reach Queens, we heard Tank's voice and a while later he said thank you =.=' Don't even have a chance to see him. Stand outside Starbucks and waited for the fireworks. It was nice, after that we have to walk back to my car, while on the way we took some pictures and we'd even took with the policewomen. Ha! Cool huh. While in the car my dad called my mum and asked her to go Auto City, with Bobby also of course =)

They were glad that we asked to take picture with us xD

My man


Lee asked us to go for a movie - Avatar. He highly recommended us to watch this movie cause it's a 5 star-rated movie. We also asked my father and sis along to watch with us. Before the movie, bie and I went to Gurney to look for some new clothes. After a while Lee called me and we met. We ate together then later he went to fetch Zhi then I went home to fetch my dad and sis.

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve, another celebration day. Asked my father and sis to go along with us to Gurney cause for the pass few years they just stayed at home. Bought a pair of new shoes at Gurney. Received a call from Lee after a while and he was with Ryan. Later on met my primary school friend who has been same class me for 6 years. Took some photos together. Ryan said no he don't take picture eh but see where is he? xD

My new shoes

There she is and her boyfriend Mackidd Bill

I'm back!

I haven't been blogging since 17th October 2009, the day before my birthday. Mainly cause of my lazyness, too many things to share until don't know which happened first which happened next, then my finals for my Sem 2, now today at this time 12.42pm, Feb 6th 2010, Saturday will start blogging again. I'll start with all my old stories first shall we?