Sunday, June 7, 2009

S.Y.L in the house!

Yesterday I went out with 7 friends. It's quite some time I didn't hang out with so many friends together. Queensbay was our first stop. Went to Canton-i to have our lunch. After that we went to CYC and then PDI to look for formal clothes. Later on, we went to Prangin Mall to see the famous 黄明志.

Hey yo yo~

It was very hot (the weather I mean, not him. Lol) so me and Lee went to Starbucks to enjoy the cold peaceful air. After a while, we went to eat buffet together with my classmate's friends around 30 people o.O Knew some new friends also and there was a modified Wira also so we have a little chit chat and took pictures of our car. Lols.

Later on we went to Batu Ferringgi cause they are having apartment stay. Before we went there, I was dragged by one people to have a little talk and that little talk was kinda shocking because there is a S.Y.L around us and he asked me to take extra care to the girls =.=' I didn't overnight so I just dropped them to the so called apartment and stayed for a while to have a little discussions about the S.Y.L then back home. That time was already nearly 2am. Tiring~