Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Back

Finally it's back, the thing that I always afraid to happen on me has finally return. I tried to avoid it from happening as best as I could and it has never been happen for quite some time but this time I failed to do so. It started since Sunday, I can feel it and I knew that I should do whatever I can to stop it but the situation was getting worse. The next day, Monday, I have to stay back for gym cause this is the physical training for the chosen badminton players for TARC. Before having gym, we ran around college for three rounds. Later on, we had gym for 2 hours and seriously it was tiring and my feet is killing me. After I got back home, I ate something and get prepared to go for badminton with my father. My feet can't really feel the ground and still I have to hang on. The first game I played was not as good as usual. Firstly I did not have enough warm up cause the opponent had played a game before that and he's warmed up and secondly, I was tired. We argued from the start of the game until the end. I really hate it, really really F**KING HATE IT!!!!! I tried to talk nicely but he was so angry and he said a lot of things that hurt my feelings. I sat there and the tears is starting to fill my eyes. I know it's a shame for a guy to cry but I did not!! I stopped it. After we got back home, my father went out for supper with my mum and sis. I lied at my bed thinking, what I did? I'm such a failure. I'm very very sorry to my group members cause today (Tuesday) we have presentation and singing to do but at the last minute, I quit. I can't present and sing in such situation. I hope you guys will understand my feelings. Sorry for my selfishness. I also wanna say thanks alot for trying to cheer me up. I appreciate that. Thank you.