Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day at East Hakkaido

This year is the first year we celebrated Father’s Day. Well, I organized it. Haha.. I woke up this morning and thanks to Ann. She reminded me today is Father’s Day. Lol.. And so, I came out with some plannings. I called Jeffrey for some ideas where should I celebrate. Well, he went many restaurants so he knows better. He gave me some. Thanks Jeff. I told my mum and sis I want to celebrate and my mum told me that my father thought we don’t know what day is today. It’s Sunday, I mean Father’s Day =.=’ At 4 o’clock, I followed my father to play badminton at Pesta. Well, my leg still hurts. Actually I tried to play on Friday to check out whether my leg really is that serious or not. Well, it is =.=’ Just now I tried to play again and I realized that my speed wasn’t as fast as I should be. When I tried to save some shots or try to be faster, my leg hurts =.=’ When only will recover? 2 weeks already. We played for 2 hours. After we arrived home I straight went to shower and get prepared. My mum and sis started to get prepared also. My father felt strange why we wore so nice. Then my mum said to celebrate Father’s Day, your son’s idea. Lol.. Well, we went to East Hakkaido. We ordered 6 dishes (don’t mind bout the pictures, some after we ate a bit only I remembered I want to take picture of it, another 1 was we ate finish only remember, LMAO) We enjoyed the meal, even my dog likes it xD It was another memorable day =)

The bill