Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I know I'll get scolded if I post this out. Well, I have to let you all know how am I or what am I doing recently. Last night I went to play badminton again, I played 4 matches. I can feel the pain while I was playing but I have to give out all I can once I stepped in the court. This is a respect to myself and opponent. The first 3 matches were still okay but the forth match, the score was very close. We played until 11-1o, I lead 1 point (we were still playing the old rules that has 2 services). As you know, my speed wasn't as fast as last time especially when it comes to drop shot. I be the "Superman" when I was trying to save a drop shot but I lost that point also. At that time, I sat at the floor and I can feel the pain in my leg. I stood up in few seconds and wanted to continue the match. There was about more than 10 people watching we play and they don't allow me to play anymore. Even my father and the opponent said so. They said that's all, you tried, you'll lose your leg if you continue =.=' Well, no choice. They asked me to rest another 3 weeks. 3 weeks?!! I can't even stand it when they asked me to rest for 1 week, now 3?!Ahh well, I'll try.