Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach Party at Paradise Hotel

;Yesterday after my class finished, I went to Hui Wen's house to wait for Yen Yin cause she's having a class until 6. After she came back and took a bath and everything settle, off we go to Paradise. We were there around 6.40, it was already crowded with all the Tarcians. We looked for our group and not longer from that, we heard lots of screamings from the guys and girls. Know why? Cause they were carried away to drop to the sea. Haha... It was fun though, at night we can't see who is who so, we just catched and threw whoever that isn't wet. Lols... The party finished at around 10 something cause they wanna go clubbing. Some of us are not going so we planned to go to Sunrise Mcd. I fetched them back to their house and have a bath. Then i dropped them at Mcd. I didn't join them cause it was kinda late so i just headed straight home after dropped them. After i arrive home, the first thing I did was cleaning up my car. That time was about 12 something. Haha.. My mum said :"Silly boy, what time ady still wash car" =p Well, I like it clean ma. Hahh