Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm in!!!

Today after my class, I went home straight away cause I have something to do. After everything had settled, I packed up my badminton equipments and went to the badminton court at Tanjung Bungah Market. I was worried before I go there cause my injuries were still hurt, but I have to get over it. After they came, we had a match. The match was just played half cause the senior knew that my arm is hurt. After I had some rest, I played another match. This time I don't care whether it hurts or what, I must win, I must do what I can. Gladly, we won. After that, the seniors and the Captain called me. They said that I'm chosen to be in Inter College Team and they scolded me also =.=' Well, it was because they knew my arm was injured and I still played that way. Anyway, I'm in!!! And, since that I'm in, I have to put more effort on it. I must play better. After i went home, car wash again =p Rain whole day ady my car very dirty la. Lols.. A little part of the skin of my thumb worn off cause I squeezed the cloth strongly. Ouch! Well, my parents are proud of me also =) I'll will try my best in the team!!