Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Long Day at GP

Yesterday I hang out at GP with Lee, Ryan and my classmate Joanne. We arrived there at 2 something. Ryan has been waited for us for more than half hour cause he didn't know that I have to fetch Lee and Joanne and the traffic kinda jam also. Well, we wanted to watch Angels and Demons. A lot of people said that the movie is very nice but it was crowded =.=' So we went Sushi King. Four of us ordered sets, Ryan waited for about 45 minutes only it came and I waited for more than 35 minutes but didn't come. I'm tired of waiting so I'd rather go to food court. After that we went to CYC. It's been a long long time since the last time I was there. After awhile went to PDI to look for formal clothes for Joanne cause will need it for presentation. We went to look out for mine too but it was expensive =.=' So I have to wait for my parents to come =p Still, I want to watch movie so we went to check out the second time. This time we decided to watch Monsters versus Aliens. I was like what? Come cinema watch cartoon meh? But Ryan told me it's a 3D movie so ok lo. The tickets were selling fast, full for 7.30 and 9.30. So no choice, we chose 11.30. That time we still have 4 hours before the movie starts so we went for pool. The very first time for me. Haha... After that we walked to Strike 2 until 10.45 then walked back to GP again. Before entering the room, each of us were contributed a pair of 3D glasses. The movie was cool. It was a new thing for us. After the movie it was around 1.40. I fetch Ryan to get his bike then fetch Joanne back to her apartment near our school. Lastly, fetch Lee back to Farlim. While on the way back, we saw something cool. A EX5 with 3 guys on it. LMAO! The EX5 was like gonna burst. Hahah... I asked Lee to take photo but failed to do so. When i reached home it was about 2.30am. The very first time I hang out so late. Lol. Well, I enjoyed it =)

Joanne. Lee was posting obviously


Ryan was blocking his face when I wanted to take photo of him n Lee..Aiyo Ryan. Don't paiseh la..haha