Sunday, May 24, 2009

Orientation Week

I havent been blogging for more than one week,well firstly it's because my connection got problem and I unable to online for few days then is TARC's Orientation Day.

Talk about Orientation Day, the first day was Yee Min's father fetch me and Lee cause my car still in paint job and my father has to use his car so no choice. It was crowded with freshmen. We gathered at the foyer then the senior asked us to go to our respective course class rooms to take our attendence. When we take our attendence they gave us a file and TARC Collar-T and asked us to change. Cause of this the toilet was crowded as well. So, Lee and I just changed outside the toilet. Who wants to see right? Lol. Met lots of friends also and will have the same expression and words “Ey? You also study here ar?” . Then, we gathered at the hall so called CA to hear some speech this and that. After that, we were separate into groups according to the numbers given before entering CA and we went to our tutorial classroom. Lee and Yee Min got the same number but I didnt so we were not in the same group. After we took our sit in the classroom, then I look at you you look at me. Then the student learder introduced himself to us, our group name 'Uninvited' and asked us to introduce ourselves. He even asked us to think the slogan for our group. Since I was the one that talked the most to the student leader and thought of the slogan, so I was chosen to be the junior leader, I was like 'what?!' =.=' Later that, he taught us some slogan for the “War”. Forgotten to say that, we were not just divided into groups, we were divided into teams also. Well, just two teams- SOT and SBS, Im in the SOT. We learn the slogan it's because we well gather at the same place together and shout our slogan respectively. We didnt do much on the first day, just get to know the members of team and what we gonna do. We had the “War” before we go back =.='

We were asked to wear sports attire on the second day cause we are going to have some acitivites to do. We were introduced to the rooms and places of the college (except the canteen and my tutorial class, I totally cant remember others =.=') I cant really remember what was the acitivities that day. Just remember that some of us had to gather up at a friend's house for the preparation for the variety show. When I arrived there, they laughed. I was like ' what's so funny?' Then they said we have a real nice character for you to act- a SISSY!!! =.=' I have to act like Im a very cool guy but later on * poof * transform into a sissy. Well nevermind, cause Im the only one there that able to act this kind of character,lols (dont know whether it's good or bad thing =.=') We discussed and rehearsed until 12 something and the next morning we have to arrive at school at 7am sharp to rehearse again =.=' The variety show has finally started at 9 something and when it comes to our turn, just like I expected earlier, when I transformed into the sissy (the name's jackson by the way), everyone laughed including the audience. Aaahhhh!! My image is gone!! T~T Oh well, everything has a start. Haha.. Then we had treasure later on in the afternoon.

Now here comes to Thursday, it's a sports day. We had volleyball, ping pong, dart, basketball and tug-of-war. That time we were really ran out of ppl cause many ppl absent, so I have to take part in dart and tug-of-war. We had four matches for every games and we won two matches out of four of dart and tug-of-war, ping pong won three matches by the way. Although we didnt get into the finals but we enjoyed the game =)

The last day of the orientation week, Friday. I borrowed my sis's camera to take photos. We wont be in the same class after the course starts so must take pictures. Early in the morning the class filled with talking, shouting, screaming, and laughing sounds. Haha...We took lots of pictures that day and I did lots of silly stuffs also xD Well, who cares, as long as everyone is happy. Haha..