Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Day at College

This is the second day I cant sleep well and woke up 5 something in the morning =.=' Since I have nothing to do, let's talk about my first day at college.
Like I said so, I cant sleep well at night, so without the help of the alarm, I woke up early. After I'm prepared, here goes, heading to my first class at college =) The traffic ain't that smooth as I expected and it made me late, WTF!! Hello, from Sungai Dua to Tanjong Bungah you know =.=' Actually I was not allowed to park inside cause I don't have the sticker but since I'm a newbie so the uncle gave me a chance =p Thanks uncle. After i parked my car i faced another problem, where the heck is my class?!! I'm already out of time still have to search for class, for god's sake. I found the location map near the admin office and saw my orientation week friend, so thankfully he saved my ass, lols. After i entered the class I saw Lee and I sat behind him, that was his second and last class for Monday. My first class was Maths, walao! Like that play me meh? I threw all those ages ago ady leh =.=' After the class ended, I went to register the Music Society and i chose dance class xD Well, first step for everything. After that I received a call from Yung Yung and he says that there will be a badminton trial next day for joining TARC Team, that's a yes. Aha... After that I went to my second and last class for Monday- Study Skills. Now only i realized that my class has only 18 people o.O and the lecturer gave us a very big surprise-our first assignment, presentation. Wahainya, first day only need to 'chi kek' or not? Well, it's a group work and my group contains 5 members, 4 girls and 1 guy, I'm the only guy =.=' After that, another request came from the lecturer "Get yourself a set of formal attire for presentation, you will be needing it for all presentation." Ho seh liao la this time, I where got ar? No choice, have to buy lo. I cant imagine what I look like I formal attire =.='